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Can I bring my own UTV/ATV for a tour or ride the trails?

No, you must use the UTV’s provided by Backyard Adventures.

Do I drive the UTV or does the guide drive?

You drive and are in control of your own UTV throughout your excursion. The tour guide will be in another vehicle showing you our amazing trails that will take your breath away!

Can I just take the UTV and go off on my own?

No, our 1000 acre private trail system is very complex and a guide is needed to show you where to go and provide you with the best experience possible.

What should I wear?

Please dress for the current weather. This is an adventurous activity so expect to get a little dirty. Long pants and sleeves are recommended. Closed-toe shoes are required.

Can multiple people in one vehicle take turns driving the UTV?

Yes, as long as everyone has a valid Driver’s License and is at least 21 years of age. Ages 17-20 can drive as long as a licensed legal guardian is present in the same vehicle.

I have never operated a UTV before. Are they easy to operate?

Yes, If you can confidently drive a car then you can operate a UTV. The UTV’s that we offer have an automatic transmission, steering wheel, gas, and brake pedal.

What is your terrain like?

We have everything from mild to wild and will take you only on the terrain you are comfortable with.

If I damage a UTV am I responsible for the repairs?

Yes, You are liable to pay for any damage you cause to the UTV while in your possession. Please drive responsibly.

Are kids allowed to ride as passengers?

Absolutely! Kids love what we have to offer at Backyard Adventures!

Do we see any wildlife on a tour?

There is a good chance you will see deer, wild turkeys, hawks, and an occasional black bear roaming about.